The Investment

Since 2005, illuminating the world.

ISG’s main activity is the development and promotion

of photovoltaic power plants.

Operation of a solar plant

Photovoltaic parks are power generation facilities that are usually connected to the medium voltage (MV) electrical distribution network.

The fundamental element of a photovoltaic power plant is the photovoltaic panels, which capture solar energy and convert it into a continuous electric current, through the photoelectric effect.

The installations are integrated by a large number of photovoltaic panels; The production of electricity depends mainly on insolation.

The energy produced by the modules is injected to the inverter, which transforms the direct current into alternating current. From the inverter, it goes to the transformer, which adapts the voltage and voltage to the conditions required by the electric company at the connection point.

We manage all phases of the project; we process the licenses, execute the EPC and take care of the Operation and Maintenance.

Different countries, formats and investment scenarios.

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