Our Services

The process of design, promotion, development and implementation of a PV solar plant comprises different phases with a duration of 18 months.


We deal with the realization of all documentation of this phase of the project. Feasibility analysis, initial pre-engineering until the final engineering design of the project, with the feedback and specified necessities of the Client. We also carry out all necessary studies.

We offer competitive and efficient solutions, creating the best opportunities for investors, for worldwide projects. We guarantee an affordable investment with minimal risk.


With our expertise in PV projects, we develop projects from initial stage or greenfield until the last stage, ready to built. During the process of  the selection of the site, we do not only take care of irradiation and negotiation with the owner, we also take care of the social aspect, access, evacuation of energy, etc. to ensure a reasonable cost to optimize and reduce risk of the investment.

We obtain licenses and permits needed, manage possible grants and subsides. We manage the connection with the electric company and negotiate a PPA contract, if it is necessary.


ISG performs preventive and corrective constant supervision and maintenance of its facilities in order to achieve maximum profitability of their photovoltaic plants. ISG has implemented in its photovoltaic plants a double alarm system that instantly detects any incident.

This safety mechanism consists of video surveillance cameras reinforced with an infrared system overnight. Additionally, the core of ISG has a motion detection subsystem through a perimeter-based protection technology microwave barrier.

All these measures allow ISG minimize economic losses for any business disruption caused by damage to their plants and increase the performance ratio and availability thereof. During the year 2014, the core of ISG recorded an average performance ratio of 80.6% and an average availability of 99%, respectively