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Our Group

SOLAR INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD is created in 2015 with the aim of promoting projects based on photovoltaic technology and rural electrification projects. Its natural scope is Europe, Asia, and Africa. It consists of a number of companies that allow covering and controlling the whole process of the project, starting with designing and developing following up with manufacturing and supplying components and ending with the construction and maintenance.

Tamesol, Catwatt, Suntrade, Shopsolar; are some of the companies that make up the group and make it a highly brands competitive team.

Today ISG has developed more than 100MW and has participated in the promotion of more than 250MW and supplied more than 3000 houses with energy. Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Italy, India, Pakistan, Morocco  are among the countries where we are present. Currently, it is in the process of development of 100MW spread across the world.